Google Pixel 5 will be the next installment to the Pixel series. There are rumors that Pixel won’t be out until October, however, there are new leaks showing its design.

The prototype was first shared by a YouTuber called Jon Prosser, who has been very involved with Pixel leaks lately. The prototype features a large camera on the back, with an epic orange cover. Furthermore, this back camera looks a bit bigger than the usual camera’s on the latest phones.

Google Pixel 5 XL

Additionally, it has a lot of similar looks like the previous phone, Google Pixel 4. It looks like the prototype is equipped with a triple-lens camera, and the bottom lens is featuring a wide camera. Other cameras on left and right look like the standard pixel camera.

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The user who shared this prototype said that the front is not finalized yet, however back will be very close to this. Various leaks have confirmed that the front will also be similar to Google Pixel 4, with much smaller bezels. There are other prototypes shared on Twitter too, but these look very fancy, I don’t think Google has ever made these sorts of designs. Many sources have claimed that this Google Pixel 5 XL prototype is “extremely reliable”. Numerous allegations also surround google saying that Google will choose one of these designs in the coming months, and many leaks are yet to come. Google, on the other hand, will be happy to hear views from potential customers about these leaks, this could help them make a very good phone in the future.

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