Google plans on adding Messaging to Stadia. In a report by 9to5google, Stadia only has two options which allows a player to talk with other players. If they are lucky and the game has a chat system they can communicate, or they could use the Stadia’s own cross-game party voice system.

Obviously players want something similar to that Steam offers. You could have a separate chat and friends list, afterward, you can message any one of them and maybe ask them if they are up for a game. This feature currently lacks in Google Stadia which is a huge drawback.

Google will load the Stadia version 2.16, in a couple of days that will feature messages and chat. The notes in version 2.16 highly suggest that Stadia will get an app within the device, that will feature excellent messaging experience.

Here are the codes shared in the Stadia Version 2.16

  • Message History panel title
  • Text chat
  • batchGetChatMessages
  • ChatMessages
  • ChatMessagesModel
  • ConversationViewModel
  • createChatMessage
  • DirectChatMessageList
  • DirectMessageLastReadTimestamps
  • enableTextChatFlag

Two weeks ago Google announced that Stadia Pro will be free for two months. The two months trial also included 9 games, that were free as well. Furthermore, players could also buy new games in the trial, and that will be saved in their accounts. The promotional campaign in Stadia Pro increased the number of users across all devices.

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