Google Stadia continues to bring new features and games. Recently we talked about their new split-screen technology, which in my opinion, has taken Stadia to a whole new level. You can read about Split Screen Stadia Technology here.

Today we have news that Google Stadia is finally getting achievements. This was already announced by Google before Stadia launch, that Google will get the achievement system later but it won’t be available during launch. Further, Google also promised that players’ achievement during the Stadia launch will be kept in record until the achievements system arrives.

Google have kept their promise, and players are getting their previous achievements shown after new update. Furthermore, achievements cannot be turned off, which is a drawback for screenshots and video recording. Players can check their achievements on the website, and players can set it to the public, allowing others to see them too.

The notification and achievements are only supported on Chrome Browser and Chromecast, however, Google wrote in Community Update that mobile app users can also expect the update in 2020.