Google Stadia aims to bring instant access to games via Chrome and YouTube videos. Stadia is Google’s take on a game streaming platform that will probably bring about a revolution in the gaming industry. Gamers will not be needing high-end PCs or consoles to play their favourite games in the future because Stadia can stream games at up to 4K 60 FPS to your laptop, TV or even mobile phones via Chromecast using Google’s cloud technology.

Phil Harrison at Google said that, “Our goal with Stadia is to reduce the friction of getting excited by a game and playing a game. On Stadia, you just need to click on a YouTube video or link and you can be playing your game instantly. The key benefit of our platform is that a single creative vision and a single code base can now be enjoyed instantly across any screen. At launch we’ll support being able to play games across desktops, laptops, TVs via Chromecast, tablets, and phones. This new generation of gaming is not a box; the datacenter is your platform, there is no console that limits the creator’s ideas, or limits where gamers can play.”

Although the project may seem ambitious, but if Google is able to keep its promises and actually deliver what it aims to, the competition in the gaming industry will be blown out of proportion by Stadia. Stadia works via a controller that will directly connect to their servers via Wi-Fi connections and the games will be played from Google’s very own servers. Google even aims to provide full multiplayer and cross-platform support so looking at the task at hand it can be said that the challenges to deliver on these claims will be immense and if Google does manage to pull this off it will have revolutionized the gaming industry.

Stadia will be launching in 2019 across North America and Europe without having given out any pricing details on the product.

The Key features of Stadia include having access to games anywhere and any time you want. The games can be played at up to 4K HDR 60 FPS. There will not be any need for you to wait for downloads or updates because they will all be done at Google’s servers automatically. You can just get right into gaming from watching a YouTube game trailer to actually playing the game within the next 5 seconds.

Stay tuned for more information on Google’s Stadia. This is surely a platform that will revolutionize the gaming industry for years to come.

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