Google Stadia is set to launch on November 19, which is not far from now. Stadia team members decided to have an AMA on Stadia subreddit. People asked them various questions and they were answered. This allows us to have some insights, regarding the questions about Google Stadia. The Director of Stadia said that they wanted to make games more accessible. He said “What I realized along the way was that Immersive Worlds were already here. Today’s computer games were exactly that! With or without VR glasses. Through games, billions of people already create, discover and interact with each other daily. But you still have to buy expensive hardware first and then wait for hours to download the software. I want to make gaming more accessible. Just like we did with video.

The AMA was quite interesting and people asked various questions. Google Employees made clear that Stadia will not have Stream connect till the end of the year. Furthermore, they said that Games that are supporting State Share and Crowd Play will be released next year. Family sharing is another important feature, however, it won’t be available on launch day, and it is expected to be part of Stadia next year. Family sharing allows family members to share games while keeping their accounts separate.

Google Employees also said that players will receive their Buddy pass two weeks after they have received the bundle. The Buddy pass allows you to share your Stadia subscription with your friends for 3 months. Furthermore, Google says that you do not need your phone every time to play a game on Stadia. The Phone is only required for initial setup and buying games, afterward, you have to plug and play. Another important feature for gamers is Achievement, and well you won’t be able to see your achievements from Day 1 since the Stadia has no proper UI. According to Google, the Achievements will be saved from Day 1 however you will see all of them together after UI launches. This can take some weeks after launch.

Furthermore, Google Says that its system of launching things works like YouTube. They start off with a basic version and then get feedback, afterward they just implement whatever fans want. They referenced to YouTube, saying that YouTube started with “watch video”, and for Stadia its “Play the Game on your biggest screen”. Don’t worry says Google, new features will come with time.

According to many Journalists, competitors are not happy with what Google Stadia can achieve. Furthermore, some said that people inside Google are not optimistic about the idea and it might just not exist. We already know that Google has a history of hyping their new releases and later they are abandoned.

Recently we heard that Stadia will have 12 games at launch and more games will be launched next year. You can read about How Stadia works & What games will it have during launch.

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