Launched in November 2019, Google Stadia well exactly did not have the best of launch, however it keeps getting better. Today we have more news that Google Stadia is getting more games, up to 120. Previously, Google Stadia promised users about achievement system, and well they did keep their promise. Let’s jump into the details.

“Looking at our upcoming lineup, we are tracking more than 120 games coming to Stadia in 2020, and are targeting more than ten games in the first half of this year alone that will be only available on Stadia when they launch,” the Stadia team said in an update posted today. “We’re working with our partners to share more on those games soon.”

Other new features planned for the first quarter of 2020 including support for 4K gaming on the web (4K/HDR streaming is currently only available on the Chromecast Ultra, however), expanded Google Assistant functionality while playing on the web (also not currently available on PC, sorry), support for additional Android phones, and wireless gameplay through the web via the Stadia controller.

Google Stadia’s progress so far is incredible, their recent split-screen addition was also amazing. Furthermore, Stadia will get more than 120 games in 2020, these might include the big guns that are on their way. Google also says that they are targetting more than ten games in the first half of this year alone that will be exclusive to Stadia? well, I am eager to find out, which game publishers agreed on Stadia to be their first choice gaming platform. If these are some big guns that are set to release in 2020, this is incredible, however, my heart says that these might be some minor games, that are not so popular.

Google Stadia Pro will also be getting some new games toward the end of this month. “There is a lot more in store for this year. In the meantime, we hope gamers are gearing up for some great new games and experiences,” Google said. “Toward the end of this month, we will share more about the games coming to Stadia Pro in February.”

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