Kingdom: New Lands

Kingdom: New Lands is two-dimensional kingship simulator game which is now free on Epic Games Store. Kingdom: New Lands is the remastered version of the original “Kingdom” game. In this game, you are a King or a Queen who is stranded on an island, and you have to travel across the island to collect coins and spend these to hire workers to build up a fort. Monsters come out from forest every night, and your archers have to defend against them with the weapons you have provided them.

This is a game in which you die a lot and each time you have to build up your new fort from the start, with nothing in hand. You better focus on learning the game’s mechanics, so the next time you die, you can build a better fort. The addition of New Lands makes it interesting by spreading it in six different islands, ships to sail other islands and adding more citizens to recruit.

Kingdom: New Lands is free on Epic Games Store for this week which ends on 13th of June, 2019, Grab the game here. Next Free game on Epic Games Store will be Enter the Gungeon.

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