Steam Summe Sale 2019 is now live, and we have another minigame, just like previous sales. This time, it is called the Grand Prix game in which you have to choose one of five teams. These five teams are Hare, Corgi, Tortoise, Pig and Cocktail. You will have to boost your team in the race by spending money on games in the sale and by completing quests. Moreover, at the end of each day, three random members from the winning team will get free games.

It sounds like it is simple, but a tremendous amount of people are still confused about it. The size of your “Boost meter” can be increased by spending money on games. If you spend 1$ on any game, you will get 100 points capacity to your “Boost meter”. However, The “Boost meter” can also be filled by completing special quests and Steam achievements. Moreover, you can also buy things with your race tokens, such as steam chat emoticons, profile backgrounds and Steam Grand Prix 2019 badge which will help you to increase your steam level.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of good deals on a variety of game this year including Grand Theft Auto V for only 9.99$, PUBG only for 14.99$ and many more. Steam Summer Sale will end on July 9, 2019.

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