Bomb Ball

GTA V Recent Festive Surprise 2018 brings in a new mode called Bomb Ball which looks like Rocket League with realistic graphics. However, the game mode seems like a lot of fun, and it’s open to play until January 14th, and you get double the money and RP. Unlike Rocket League it features three bombs in a ball shape instead of one, and you have to either score a goal or push it to the opponents’ side until it explodes. What’s really cool about Bomb Ball is that you will hear the commentators speak over you while you are playing. You also get weapons such as grenades and a machine gun that takes place on your car.

Moreover, you will get daily rewards if you log in every day plus you get two sweaters off the bat. It’s really cool that Rockstar is constantly adding updates to GTA V which means they care about their players.

You can watch Bomb Ball’s gameplay below.

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