As we close in on the official release of the Nvidia’s GTX 1070Ti, we’ll start to see more and more rumors and leaks about the card. And today, we have the very first leaks about the FireStrike Extreme and Timespy performance of the card. Surprisingly, not just on Intel, but on both Intel and AMD platforms.

GTX 1070ti Specs:
According to the benchmark data, the card used had 8GB of memory and was running at a decent clock of 1886MHz. Now there are rumors that the new GTX 1070Ti will not be overclockable however the expected specification of the GPU according to leaks has a core clock speed of 1607 Mhz. So this might mean that we can overclock the GTX 1070Ti as well. As for the memory bus clock goes, it was at 2003Mhz.

GTX 1070Ti Performance Leak:
On the Intel platform, using an i7 7700K, the 1070Ti scored 8756 points in Fire Strike Extreme and 6340 points in Time Spy. Whereas on the AMD Platform, using an R7 1800X, the GPU scored 9095 points in Fire Strike Extreme, but we don’t have the results for the performance of Time Spy on the AMD platform.
Also, in the 3DMark 11 Extreme benchmark, the GPU reached a score of 9323 points with i7-5930k.

As we come closer to the launch date of the GPU, we expect to see more and accurate leaks. So far, what do you think about the GTX 1070Ti? Let us know in the comment section below.


Source: Videocardz

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