Risk of Rain 2 is about the story of a survivor who is lost and scattered on an uncharted planet called Petrichor V. Every single strategy on this expedition involves shooting monsters, picking up valuable items, fighting for survival, and finding a resource to exit the godforsaken planet. As a player, you can complete the entire game solo or team up with other survivors who, like you, are not a fan of staying here longer. Currently, there are two ways to beat Risk of Rain 2. The first one involves relieving survivors by escaping via a rescue ship, a good ending. In contrast, the second one obliterates survivors out of existence, a sad ending. In any case, a survivor ends the run and finds solace in the calm demeanor of Risk of Rain 2.

Two Game Endings

As of the game’s current state, we have divided both endings into good and bad ones. Beating the game in any scenario unlocks unique rewards and playable class in the game. In any case, we highly suggest seeing both endings.

How to Beat Risk of Rain 2

The Good Ending – Escaping the Planet

To reach the endgame, kill the boss and leave the planet, you need to look for Primordial Teleporter at Sky Meadow – 5th stage environment. This unique Teleporter essentially has two modes; each of them takes survivors to a different stage. Players can interact with Primordial Teleporter and change its alignment to the moon sending players to the Commencement (taking players to final boss). Or, the Teleporter can loop back a survivor to the first stage to repeat the entire run. The former is the option you should look for if you want to beat Risk of Rain 2. However, the latter alignment of Primordial Teleporter will take the survivor back to the first stage. It will not serve the purpose of stopping the run.

To know which alignment is which, you need to look at the shape of Primordial Teleporter. If the rocks form a circular shape, you must understand that it is aligned with the moon. However, if you see only two stones in a circle standing 180 degrees apart, that is the clue that the portal will loop you back to the first stage. Here are images for your reference.

Reaching Commencement brings you to one last step to beat Risk of Rain 2 game; defeating Mithrix – final boss. After killing the last monster of Petrichor V, the moon will enter a self-destruct sequence initiation. The next three minutes will decide the fate of the triumphant survivor. You must make a run for it and reach the rescue ship to end your run. After fighting through hordes of enemies, you will aboard the ship and leave the planet. If you pull off this strategy to beat Risk of Rain 2 game, you will also unlock the next playable class: Captain.

The Bad Ending – Obliterating at Obelisk

How to Beat Risk of Rain 2

This one involves obliterating the survivor at the obelisk, essentially getting wiped out of existence and ending the run. Reaching here requires a survivor to go through the Celestial Portal and reaching the last floating island. The obelisk is a tall, sliced-from-between rock. Upon interacting with it spawns a furious blue ball inside it, seeking confirmation from players to proceed with the obliteration process. If you reach here and agree with the object, your survivor will turn into dust particles, putting an end to the run – a sad ending to an arduous journey.

You will not obliterate if you or any teammate has ‘Beads of Fealty’ Lunar item equipped with you. While proceeding with the obliterate option, the obelisk rock will take you to a new environment called ‘A Moment, Whole’. You will encounter one out of four twisted scavenger bosses here, and defeating or dying by its hand is the only way to escape this area. You get tons of Lunar items after defeating the boss. You must note that dying here will not be considered obliterating at the obelisk. However, it will count towards unlocking the Capitan class.

How to Beat Risk of Rain 2

If you beat Risk of Rain 2 with the bad ending for the first time, you will unlock the ‘True Respite’ achievement and Mercenary character class. The crux of the game is to redo the runs with different play styles and classes and expect the game to throw different outcomes every single time. To get the most of the game, you need to unlock all survivors first, which itself is a long journey. However, mastering all characters is not easy as each survivor offers different skill sets. We think a Risk of Rain 2 tier list should guide you in deciding which class you should pick first and which one to avoid.

Now that you know how to beat Risk of Rain 2, which end type are you going for first? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

Image Source: Risk of Rain 2 Fandom