Do you use a cheap mic or headphones built-in mic which sounds really bad and has a lot of static? You can try to improve the mic quality by using this application. Last time on Pgrepublic, I wrote a guide on how to improve your sound quality so you can hear your enemies better and easier in games. If you want to read that guide, you can click here to read that guide.

Voicemeeter Banana :

Let’s just jump into the guide. If you didn’t read my previous guide, you are probably not going to have the application installed. It’s called Voicemeeter Banana, and first of all, you have to download Voicemeeter Banana. You can download Voicemeeter banana by clicking on this hyperlink. After you have downloaded the app, install it and restart your computer to finalize the installation.

After you have done everything I said above, go to your sound mixer and recording devices and check if you have the following outputs :

Recording Devices
Voicemeeter Output and Voicemeeter Aux Output

If you have these following outputs, you can simply open Voicemeeter Banana, then select your main microphone device in Hardware Input 1 like this. The reason I have my microphone device in Hardware Input 2 is that because my Hardware Input 1 is used for my headphone device.


After you have selected your microphone device in Hardware Input 1, head over to the right side of the Application and click on A1 and select your main audio device. In this case, my main audio device is Speakers (Creative SB X-Fi).


Then head back over to the Hardware Input 1 and make sure only B1 is checked.


Tweaking Mic :

Now we’re finally done setting up our microphone and can start tweaking it to make it sound better.
You see that big square on top below INTELLIPAN? Make it a little bit to left and it will instantly make your mic sound a lot better. Feel free to play with it to make your mic sound as per your liking. You can also click on A1 to hear how your mic sounds.


Now head over to the right side of the application again and enable EQ in the 4th virtual B1 lane, then right click on it to open a big panel. This is where you can adjust the EQ. I have my own EQ settings for low-end microphones, you can use the same EQ settings as mine, but if you don’t find them satisfying, feel free to browse the web for Voicemeeter banana EQ Presets.


My EQ settings for Voicemeeter Banana

Now you are done setting up your microphone in voicemeeter, and its ready to be used as the main microphone device in your computer. Go to the sound mixer and set VoiceMeeter Output as your default microphone device.Screenshot_15

Now your mic quality should be drastically improved and your friends on any VOIP software can hear your voice better than they did before. But be sure to set the mic to VoiceMeeter Output in the VOIP software.