A few days ago Valve representatives said that they expect a fan-made non-VR mod of Half-Life: Alyx. The spokesperson also said that after playing it in non-VR mod people will get an idea why Valve decided to make it VR Only.

Well, when companies give you go ahead, it only takes a few days for fans to sort something out. Today, someone has a made Half-Life: Alyx MK (Mouse and Keyboard) mod that allows you to play the game in the first person without needing VR. Since the mod is in pre-alpha, you will have to make several console commands in order to make it work. Similarly, some game features are totally unplayable.


Two Different packages
The mod has two packages that give you a separate feeling from each other. The first one called “fake VR mode, allows you to use Alyx’s gravity gloves and weapons, which is all fine. However, you won’t be able to use WASD for movement, hence, players will have to use several console commands to progress. It is similar to what no_clip in many games does.

The second mod is convenient as it allows you to move with WASD, and pick up objects with E Key. However, you won’t have hands, hence, opening doors and pressing buttons is not possible. Similarly, the whole campaign is quite messed up, because of the inability to pick specific items.


Worth it?
Despite both packages being utterly bad, I still liked it. The mod totally expands Half-Life: Alyx beyond VR, and playing it like a normal game feels so much more fun. Lastly, it is in a very early stage and there is huge room for improvement, I can imagine how good it’ll be with the passage of time.

In order to make the mod for accessible, here is the whole blog about it.

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