On 1st April, I wrote about the two Half-Life: Alyx non-VR mod that took the game to a different experience. Well, the game had two mods but both of them were very bad. By saying bad I don’t mean the non-VR mod is bad. The specific Mod by Nexus mod was in early beta and it did support proper keys and other stuff. Due to some limitations, that mod was also not allowing players to complete the game in non-VR experience.


This new mod looks very good. A video on YouTube about Half-Life: Alyx Non-VR on keyboard controls combined with mouse looks solid. In order to setup your Alyx for non-VR support. You need to follow this seven-minute video that will explain the whole thing. Furthermore, all controls about this mod are available on Github. Some controls like WASD are default to the Arrow keys. Similarly, there are more on this page.

Running without issues?

Again, this mod is made in a very short time, hence you can expect bugs and crashes. Overall, players who tested this mod were particularly satisfied. Valve said that they will not make non-VR mods, because Alyx is not meant to be played like that. In an article, Valve explained why they are waiting for modders to make non-VR mod. According to them, players after playing it in the non-VR mod will understand why Half-Life: Alyx was made in VR only.

Let’s look forward to more Alyx mods, that could be bug free and easy to use.

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