Valve recently announced that Half-Life: Alyx will be released on March 23. Half-life returned to the gaming industry after a decade, and it already captured everyone’s attention towards Valve Index VR.

Valve is also offering a 10% discount to those who want to pre-order the game now. Furthermore, Half-Life: Alyx is completely free if you are able to purchase Valve Index VR Headset, however, there is no chance of getting one since they are out of stock all over the world.

Out of Stock All over the world except Japan
Previously, I wrote about Valve Index VR being out of stock all over the world. Well, it is still out of stock and Valve has not re-stocked it yet. The package, which includes the headset, controllers, and base station, is quite important to play the game. Valve Index VR was listed in 31 countries, and all of them have it out of stock, except Japan, who only has some parts available.
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No signs of restock
Furthermore, Customers have also reported that after pressing “remind me” If the VR kit gets in stock, they have still not received any message. It has been a lot of months since these reports have floated on the internet.

End of Valve Index VR?
This could potentially mean that Valve has stopped manufacturing and restocking its VR sets. Another reason behind this enormous delay could Valve moving their production factories to something bigger, because I don’t think they were expecting this sort of demand, before the game launch. Lastly, Coronavirus is also another threat to their production, since many hardware and components are built in China.

Valve previously showed that Back in Stock Soon message when Index went out of stock, but now it shows the “Notify Me” button, which will notify the logged-in users on their emails when it is back in stock. The Title on that page says “We’re Busy Catching up with Demand for Valve Index!

Valve Index VR

The game is available for pre-order on Steam. Valve programmer David Speyrer indicated that if Half-Life: Alyx was a hit, there might be more Half-Life games in coming future.

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