Half-Life: Alyx was released this month and the game has revived VR. It had so much hype that Valve was unable to keep up with Index VR Headset demand. The Headset went out of stock all over the world, and after being restocked, it is now out of stock for another 5 weeks’ time. The game is quite scary, and playing it in VR can be hard for those who get scared a bit quickly.

Imagine Half-Life: Alyx scarier than it is right now
According to Valve, the game was developed much scarier, however, they did not want to push it too far. In a statement to GameSpot, Dario Casali, level designer, and programmer Kerry Davis talked about the development.

Half-Life: Alyx

“It started scarier, for sure,” Casali told GameSpot. “I was very respectful in not trying to push it too far, because I didn’t want to lose a certain segment of people who might not have been able to continue.” Casali further said that one of their testers simply put headsets away when he faced an headcrab. “He’d just pull off the headset and say, ‘I’m not going anywhere in there!'”

Afterwards, the designers cut some parts out because they were too scary. “Almost immediately we cut the fast headcrab and the fast zombie from Half-Life 2,” Casali said. “The shock of having that guy come around the corner and latch onto you before you’d even know what was going on was just too much.”

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Furthermore, he said that they added difficulty levels so players could play according to their gameplay.

“The easy mode is for people who, maybe they do feel a little intimidated or threatened by characters who are like, six feet tall,” said Casali, “And they play on that setting that will make it hopefully a more enjoyable experience for them.”

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Additionally, team Valve did not want to make a very scarier game from the beginning as it can change the game genre. They made a game which had good gameplay, and making it too scarier would sort of ruin the pace.

“We deliberately played with the pacing of introduction of elements that could feel overwhelming or anxiety-ridden, like being approached by an enemy for the first time and shooting a gun and reloading for the first time. You get the gun and you get the ammo before you have any kind of threat to you whatsoever.
“We really did recognize that we didn’t want to overwhelm people from the very beginning.”

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