The Halo Infinite saga continues, as this time we have new reports that indicate the game will be pushed to 2022 if no action is taken. Previously, we were seeing the reports, that Microsoft heavily outsourced the development of the game, which caused huge delays. Many people have criticized that the outsourcing is usually cheap for companies, but they always know that the lack of communication is normal, causing delays.

A Resetera forum member said that he had heard from insider sources that Halo Infinite is having problems with Xbox One. According to his remarks, Halo Infinite might be dropped from Xbox One if they don’t want to push the game in 2022. This means that Halo Infinite will only release on next-gen console and PC. The user claims that the game is having load assets, technical, and many other problems. The Xbox One Build is very poor and in comparison to the PC Demo we saw. This one requires a huge improvement.

In order to fix this, they will need longer than usual time for development. That is because 343 Industries will have to modify the engine or the last choice they have is that they drop support for Xbox One.

So far we have not heard from any authentic Journalists about the problem, nor there is any announcement. Maybe because the Microsoft Team has given themselves a rest until 2021, and we might see something new in 2021.

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