Heavy Rain

The Quantic Dream studios have released a forty-five-minute demo of Heavy Rain which is, of course, free on the Epic Games store. Before the full release of the game on the 24th of June.

Heavy Rain’s story focuses on the hunt for a murderer who is known as “The Origami Killer.”  who leaves folded shaped papers as his calling card on the crime scene. It lets you play as four characters which follow their leads and motives; you have to keep in mind that your every choice have different outcomes and how the story takes place is entirely up to you.

As a further matter, the demo of Heavy Rain will take 45 minutes to complete and feature two whole chapters, from the game in which players have to play the roles of an FBI profiler Norman Jayden and Scott Shelby, a private investigator who is hired by the families of victims. The demo features stunning graphics in 4k with 60fps and widescreen compatibility.

However, the demo was released yesterday, and was taken down due to some issues but is now live back again.

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