Hitman 2 Halloween update will start Today. IO Interactive did not speak a lot about the update, however
They dropped a new trailer which showed the dramatic situation around Agent 47. Furthermore, the trailer shows Agent 47 waking up and taking his revenge. He then hides the body in multiple places. Afterward, he faces the horrors for what he has done.

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Apart from this, this concept of pumpkin on Agent 47 head is another way for better stealth He goes unnoticed and seems like a cool idea. The event will take place in Hawk’s Bay, New Zealand, where players will earn Tactical Wetsuit and Bat Shuriken Tool for completing their objectives.

Update is completely free, people who own the starter edition can also download it. People who own the higher version will get additional content like more contracts. “Hitman is about experiencing the anticipation of seeing whether a plan will work when you try it for the first time,” said Edmond Tran. “It’s about feeling the tension of briskly walking away from a bad situation, hoping you can lose the suspicious guards. It’s the satisfaction of knowing the machinations of a level so well that when a target moves into a particular place at a particular time, you have the perfect way to intervene. Hitman 2 is a familiar experience, but in the Hitman world, familiarity is an incredible strength.”

The event has started, so good luck