Horizon Zero Dawn has just gotten another patch that once again will focus on fixing crashes and gameplay problems. Other than this, It’ll also bring new performance Improvements.

According to the blog post on Steam, the new update will fix the startup crash related issues. Further, you wont be seeing any more crashes after you save a game. GPU Hang problem that was caused by threading issue has also been fixed.

Other than these, there are two major performance Improvements. According to Guerrilla Games, this update will feature 1-10% performance Improvement. Camera Cuts has also been enhanced in cinematics and conversations.

There are some graphics and gameplay fixes too. These include the HDR, Mouse Controls, Aiming, Cutscenes, Adaptive Performance, Volumetrics, and Visibility related issues. Here are the things improved.

Patch Notes
Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when users would create a new game and their save game slots were full
  • Fixed a startup crash related to temp folder
  • Fixed an AI crash that could occur during combat
  • Fixed an AI crash in the EventMessageHandler
  • Fixed a crash related to WorldData sampling (the callstack would end in WorldMapData::SampleAtPixel)
  • Fixed a crash when users would instantly back out when changing sliders in the Settings menu
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when having the “Greetings” option open in photo mode and then exiting
  • Potential fix for memory corruption in AI routines which could lead to crashes
  • Potential fix for a GPU hang caused by a threading issue
  • Fixed a mismatch that would occur on Shader Model 6.0 and 6.1 hardware which could lead to a crash

Performance improvements:

  • General improvement to CPU performance (depending on CPU/GPU speeds, this can result in a 1-10% performance improvement)
  • Improved performance of camera cuts in cinematics and conversations

Other Improvements:

  • HDR – Fixed colour banding issues in HDR mode
  • Mouse Controls – Fixed an issue where mouse sensitivity was incorrect when framerate wasn’t constant
  • Aiming – Fixed an issue where Aloy was unable to shoot while being able to do a critical attack near a machine
  • Cutscenes – Fixed an issue where geometry and textures would pop in after camera cuts
  • Adaptive Performance – Fixed an issue where lighting glitches would occur when turning on Adaptive Performance
  • Volumetrics – Fixed an issue which could cause blinking artifacts in volumetric effects, like fog
  • Visibility – Fixed an issue which could sometimes cause geometry to briefly disappear after streaming

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