Horizon Zero Dawn pre-load on Steam has just begun, and the game developers have also given us an update regarding some known issues. First of all, the announcement says that players should ensure their drivers are updated to the latest ones.

We recently covered the release of new AMD Drivers, that added support for Horizon Zero Dawn. You can read about that here. Other than that, it mentions that Nvidia Users should Update their drivers to 451.67, while AMD users should update their ones to 20.7.2.

One problem is the Initial Shader Compilation that according to the blog, Horizon Zero Dawn Developers have “implemented a one-time initial shader compilation before the game starts for the first time. This can take an average of 10-15 minutes for most systems to complete. Once it’s completed, you won’t have to do it again unless you make a significant hardware change or update your video drivers”

“Shader Compilation process does not properly verify remaining storage space on user PC and can result in crashes if the user’s storage drive is low on space (compilation process requires additional ~2GB storage space)” reads the announcement.

Horizon Zero Dawn Pre-Load Begins, but here are the Known Issues

According to them, they are working hard to optimize this process. However, right now, players must co-operate with them. Other than this there are three known issues. The first one is the Anisotropic Filtering Setting, which does not work. Secondly, brief stutter during general world traversal, UI Updates, quest updates, and cut scenes could happen. And thirdly, animations have problems, and they can only run at 30 FPS, which will be frustrating.

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