Any gamer from the post-90s can remember House of Dead 1 & 2. These gems were developed by SEGA, and they were instant hits. Combined with horror and action, it made numerous fans for a decade.

Today, we have got confirmation about its remake. A few weeks ago, polish site Graczpospolitia reported that Forever entertainment ( who are behind the remake of Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2 ) is now planning to remake House for Dead 1 & 2. Additionally, it covered that Forever Entertainment has signed the license deal with SEGA for authentication.

Now, we have the confirmation tweet from Forever Entertainment. They claim that the agreement is signed, however, there are no additional details related to remake from the tweet.

According to rumours, Forever Entertainment is planning to release a very enhanced version of it. Gamers will witness realistic gameplay combined with amazing graphics. The optimization for such heavy game will also be decent, allowing old hardware and console to support it.

Forever entertainment had decent success with their latest project, Panzer Dragoon. They displayed the game at E3 2019, which had surprised everyone with its incredible graphics.