How frustrating it is that when you get back from work and fire up your Xbox to enjoy some COD. But the console would always tell you that the game has “taken too long to start”, followed by an error (0x8027025a). I get it, you must have tried to restart the console a hundred times, and maybe changed your CD. But the error simply won’t go.

The “taken too long to start. (0x8027025a) is a really common error and its very frustrating because It simply won’t let you play. Anyhow, don’t worry because In this guide we have prepared some dozens of methods that are going to help you get rid of this Xbox error. These methods are completely safe, and I can guarantee you that all of them can fix your problem. Just make sure you are following each method correctly.

Hard Reset Xbox One

The first and most effective method that can fix the 0x8027025a error, is Hard Reset or often called power cycle. Doing this will restore the device to factory settings. Other than this, your cache will also get clear and any unnecessary service or application preventing the game to run will also be closed. The majority of the time, the progress is saved in the Cloud, so don’t worry a lot.

Before we go on to perform a Hard Reset on our Xbox. Make sure that you have saved all the progress and closed the games to avoid any corrupt files In the future.

  1. Close your Xbox One.
  2. Click and Hold your Xbox One Button for at least 6 seconds until it closes down.
The Xbox Button you should hold for 6 seconds.

Once the Xbox Closes. You can now open it again and navigate to the game where you faced 0x8027025a error. Open the game, and the error shouldn’t occur anymore.

Check Your External Drive For Problems

External Drive for Xbox

If the first method didn’t work for you, then you should check your External drive for problems. Sometimes, the external drive has low health and this can cause serious issues to the games inside.

The majority of the games inside the external drive become corrupt, and there are no chances you can ever play the game once it gets corrupted. There are numerous ways through which you can bypass the problem.

The first thing you should do is that you should play any game that is Installed in your Internal drive. That means, game Installed inside your Xbox. If the game ran successfully, and you didn’t face any “too long to start. 0x8027025a error”. Then it would mean there are no problems with Internal Drive. You should try to launch any game that is inside External Drive. Suppose, it didn’t run and gave you the error. It’s clear that now you need a newer external drive.

Nobody has the time for RMA and a new Drive. Therefore, you should now try to remove that External Drive, and Re-Install the same game in your Internal drive. Once done, I can guaranty that the game will now run without any errors.

Make Sure All Services Are Running

Making sure that all services are running can also help you get rid of the 0x8027025a error. Sometimes, all services aren’t running and the game does not allow you to play it. Simply, because a lot of players try to close down services and use third party applications and cheats. Here is how you can make sure that all services are running.

  1. Open Main Menu > Settings > Network > Network Settings.0x8027025a
  2. In the Network tab, you can check if all services are available or not. Incase they aren’t, you should restart Xbox or your internet.
  3. Doing this can definitely help you fix the too long to restart error. Consequently, if this didn’t work. Keep following the steps below.

Clear Reserver Space

Cleaning Reserver Space can also fix that specific game where you are facing the issue. Through this step, you will clean up some glitches and restore some settings, nothing to worry about. Many players have found this feature to be extremely helpful In getting rid of the 0x8027025a error.

  1. Open Your Games Library by clicking on Games & Apps on Home Screen.Xbox Error Code 0x8027025a
  2. Select the game which has error > click on more options.0x8027025a
  3. Now Select Manage game & add-ons.
  4. Under Manage > Go to Saved Data > Internal > Click on Reserved Space.
  5. Agree to the option, and click on Clear Reserved Space.

Check Xbox Live Status

Sometimes, Xbox Live is offline having maintenance. Therefore, the games aren’t able to operate properly and you always get too long to start error. This is really rare, but It is highly recommended that you keep trying to launch the game at different hours. Here is how you can check if Xbox Live is behind the problem.

  1. Head over to the official Xbox Website > Click on Xbox Live Status.Xbox Error Code 0x8027025a
  2. If all of them are marked green. Then that means, that all services are live, and you shouldn’t be worried. In case one of them is red, you should probably wait or inform Xbox.0x8027025a

Sign In and Out of your profile

Sometimes there is a problem with synchronization, and thus the game does not allow you to enter. This problem is pretty common with Xbox Consoles, and you can fix it in a two-step process. All you have to do is just Sign In and out of your Xbox Account.

Once done, you can hope that your error would be resolved. Games have this glitch, where it does not allow certain users to enter. Likewise, once you launch the game.

Clear Cache

Clearing Cache is another effective method through which you can get rid of this error. Usually, there are a lot of leftover and virus-infected files in your Xbox. These files are mostly harmful. In addition, they can also cause performance issues and weird glitches that you can never figure out. Here is how you can clear the cache.

  1. Go to the main menu > all settings.
  2. Afterward, scroll down to Disc & Blu-ray > Blu-ray.
  3. Now Click on Persistent Storage consecutively five times.
  4. Five times is the limit. After you do that, you should now Hard Reset the Xbox by holding the Xbox button for 8 seconds. After you boot up, you can expect the 0x8027025a error to be gone.

Factory Reset

If all the methods mentioned above did not fix your 0x8027025a error. At this point, you are only left with one option before you will have to contact Microsoft or fix your XBOX. Factory Reset will restore your entire Xbox to the day you brought it. Therefore, everything will be wiped out and all settings will reset. On the bright side, all of the bugs and glitches that are causing this error will also get fixed. There is a 99% percent chance that Factory Reset will fix this error.

Before we jump In this step. Make sure all progress is saved In your Cloud. If there are any important key binds or graphics settings you want to note down or save. Do everything, because after this step. Everything will go back to zero.

  1. Open Main Menu > Go to All Settings.
  2. Proceed to the System > Console Information Tab.
  3. Now Click on Reset Console.
  4. 0x8027025a
  5. Here is the Important step that the majority of players get wrong. If you choose “Reset and keep my games & apps”. This means that you are not performing a factory reset. You are simply doing a hard reset. If you want to perform a proper Factory Reset. You will have to compromise on games and settings. Thus, Select “Reset and Remove Everything”.
Delete everything for proper factory reset.

Reinstall the Affected Game

There are a good amount of chances that the game you are playing must be corrupt. I’ve already discussed this factor in the external drive problem but let me explain it over again. In case, you are getting a 0x8027025a error on every game. Then you should make sure External Hard Drive is not having any problems. On the other hand, If you are getting the 0x8027025a error In a specific game only. like Fortnite In our cast. Then understand that the game might be corrupt or has file problems. You can simply check for updates, or I’d recommend Uninstall and fresh download the game all over again.

Contact Xbox Support

In case all the steps above did not fix the problem, and you are still getting the 0x8027025a error. It is finally time, that you RMA your Xbox or contact Xbox Support about this issue. Sometimes, the problem is deeper than you think, and to be very honest with you. All troubleshooting steps are mentioned In this guide. You can contact Xbox Customer Service through this link.