Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is a game that is solely based on skills and experience. Most of the players think that only skills can make you better at CSGO. However, when it comes to CSGO this is not the case. There are a lot of technical aspects that play the key role in your gameplay of CSGO.

Image: HellRaisers

I agree that skills and experience matter, but to hone that veteran skill your gaming setup must pass the basic technical aspects in order to implement the skills and experience you gained over the years in CSGO.

As a CSGO veteran my self, I think there are a lot of technical things that play a major role in CSGO gameplay but I’ve sorted out the Top 5 technical tips that are a must from my point of view.

1. 200+ Frames Per Second (FPS)

Normally 60 FPS is considered to be the most efficient and good enough FPS count in most games but in the case of CSGO, its different. In order to get that smooth gameplay and quick reflexes, good hit registry of bullets, good movement, 200 and above FPS is a must. I’ve seen many skilled players raging because of FPS count. CSGO is an Esports game and FPS count plays a big role in the esports games. If you don’t have 200 and above FPS in CSGO then I suggest you to just stop playing because it won’t get you anywhere except time waste. But meh, for some chill casual gaming even 30fps is reasonable, but if you want to go PRO in CSGO you must have 200+ FPS in-game.

2. Big mousepad and sufficient space on your table/desk

Image: @DavidMannion3

CSGO is a First-Person Shooter game which is based on a 3D 360-degree map and mostly in competitive modes or even death-matches sometimes enemies are sighted right behind you or in a very awkward position where you’d have to rotate your mouse quickly all over your mousepad to get that 180-degree or 360-degree kill. In order to get that quick rotation, you need a very big mousepad. Mostly 90% of the Pro players play on low sensitivity and they need that large space to rotate their mice quickly. So sufficient space on your desk for that big mousepad is very important. Almost all of the beginners in CSGO tend to overlook these little aspects and complain that they aren’t improving, I repeat again, To hone that skill and experience you need to get your gaming setup to that pro level as well. Your mouse pad should be a minimum of 450x400mm (17.7×15.7inch) big.

3. Monitor Refresh Rate

Image: MSI

This is a very major part in terms of CSGO gameplay. Your monitor’s refresh rate plays a very big part in your gameplay, reflexes, movements and weapon spray. The reason this is on third is that: in order to play smoothly on a good refresh rate, your in-game FPS should be above that refresh rate to fight the screen tearing. So again FPS count comes first. Now, most of the gamers don’t have that much of a budget to get the 144hz holy-grail of the PC Master Race. Don’t worry I got you all covered.

All 60Hz monitors can be overclocked to 75hz on low resolutions and trust me 15Hz sounds little but it does feel a lot smoother on 75hz when compared to 60hz. If you play on 4:3 there’s a good chance you can OC your monitor to 75hz in game. To get the 75hz in-game refresh rate you need to set the launch options of CSGO in Steam and change the resolution to your liking.

Here’s an example of my launch options in CSGO, I also play on 75hz on a very basic budget 30$ used monitor on 4:3 resolution. I’ve added other useful launch options as well.

“-novid -nojoy -nod3d9ex -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -w 1152 -h 864 +fps_max_menu 999 +fps_max 999 – freq 75 -frequency 75 -hz 75 -refresh 75 -tickrate 128”

-w and -h stands for width and height and this is the in-game resolution, change it to your liking and try if your monitor supports 75hz on these resolutions: “1024×768, 1152×864, 1280×960, 1280×1024.” Basically, this is called monitor overclocking.

4. Mouse Bungee

Image: RocketJumpNinja

As I mentioned above, mouse movement is the key to get better in CSGO, large space is needed to implement that and also your mouse’s wire needs to stay away from the surface of your mouse pad to get that frictionless movement. A mouse bungee plays a very big role to fight that wire friction, and it is a must for a Pro CSGO player.

5. Stable Internet

You guessed it right, At this point when we are talking about technical things, a good internet connection for online gaming is a must. Internet Speeds don’t matter that much in CSGO, But packet loss and latency are very important. If you’re playing on a 64 tick CSGO server a minimum of 50-60ms ping is pretty much the sweet spot anywhere above this would cause issues in-game such as poor shot registry. On 128tick servers, ping must be below 30ms in order to get the most out of the 128tick servers. Losses should be on 0%, even 2,3% losses can cause drastic changes in the spray pattern and hit registry of weapons in CSGO.

Still, experience and skills are needed to properly get better in CSGO no doubt, But these technical tips can help you hone those skills with more precision and consistency. Let us know what do you think about these tips.