Buying a keyboard was not a challenging task, with few options available to choose between the models. With the increasing popularity of gaming keyboards, selecting the right keyboard for your gaming rig is getting technical. You have to choose between certain options to get the desired features loaded keyboard.

Modern gaming keyboards are like luxury cars. They come in different sizes, lighting options and feature a wide range of switch types to complement your desktop setup. When buying a gaming keyboard for either work or play, you should consider these factors before making your purchase.

You may be thinking about what features you need the most for your next keyboard. Don’t worry! We will discuss everything in detail that you need to know when buying the keyboard for gaming or work.

Keyboard Size

Keyboards are used by people from all over the world and come in various sizes. There is one made to suit the precise needs of almost anyone. If you want to find yourself a new keyboard, it’s important to consider the keyboard size as the primary priority.

Full-size keyboards are normal-sized and match what you find on a desktop computer or laptop. They come with an array of keys, including number pads, arrows, and can also sometimes have macro keys and programmable keys.

Tenkeyless keyboards are available in sizes ranging from 40% to 80%. It gives you plenty of options for the best layout for your typing habits. TKL boards are also more compact and easier to transport, so if you are going to several events or playing at a friend’s house, it could be a good idea for you to invest in one. Keep in mind, that there are many Keyboards out there, however, the Best Typing Keyboards have one thing in common, quality.


Many keyboards are designed with a special ergonomic layout that will help you type for longer hours, in greater comfort, and with less fatigue. Such keyboards usually come with extra features such as a curved or sloping surface, and some may even be adjustable. Additional features like wrist pads aren’t a requirement, but they’re ideal because the keyboard can get tiring, especially if you work long hours.


A switch is a piece of technology that allows a key to register when pressed down. There are two main types – mechanical and membrane, although many others exist. Mechanical switches are far superior to membrane ones because they tend to be more robust and don’t malfunction as easily or often.

Some prefer mechanical switches to the membrane as the typing feel and response are more reactive. Others favor membrane over mechanical because they are less noisy, so in the end, it comes down to your preferences.

RGB Lighting

According to GamingExpert, When picking your next keyboard, it’s best to remember the matter of that little extra. We adore nice gaming keyboards with many colored backlighting options but aren’t too fond of having them on all the time – sometimes you want a simple white light. If you don’t like RGB backlighting, some models will do without this feature, but these are your best options for turning off the lighting if you’d rather not use it.


A wired USB connection is the easiest way to connect a keyboard to a PC. Keyboards are plug-and-play devices, so the installation procedure is hassle-free and simple – no additional software is required. Wired connections are preferred for gaming use since they don’t have issues with lag and interference from wireless solutions and are an inexpensive alternative when compared against other connection types such as Bluetooth or RF adapters.

If you want some more flexibility with your keyboard but can’t stand the clutter that goes along with wires, it’s hard to beat a wireless setup. Wireless connections are bidirectional and can transmit data from the computer to the keyboard or from the keyboard via one of two main mediums: a USB receiver or Bluetooth.


The price depends on many factors, such as the buyer’s budget for a new keyboard. Since keyboards can be bought in many price ranges, you should consider how much you have to spend and figure out exactly which keyboard you are looking for so that you don’t end up with one that you can’t afford or doesn’t suit your specific needs.