Red Dead Redemption 2 has a fairly large map, your horse can definitely get you from point A to point B but traveling across towns takes time. But there are always alternative ways to get around towns faster. One of which is fast traveling. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to unlock quick travel and travel around towns faster than usual by using different means of transportation other than traveling by your endeared horse.

Via Trains :



Trains aren’t only beneficial for robbing, they’re also good means of traveling from town to town. If you want to ride a train, you first have to purchase a ticket from the post office. Tickets for the train are usually pretty cheap, only costing some dollars. The only bad thing while traveling via trains is that you can only go to major towns via trains and only to the places where you have already been before.

Stagecoach :


Head over to any stagecoach marker in the city and you can travel around other cities or towns you have already visited before. Stagecoaches give you more freedom of moving around the cities than a train does.

Fast Travel :


Fast travel is kind of a secret thing in RDR2, but it technically exists, maybe because Rockstar wants you to explore all the world in RDR2. For unlocking fast travel, you must go the to base camp and unlock Dutch’s lodgings from the ledger, which costs about $220. After you have unlocked that you can then fix up Arthur’s tent by paying $325. After you have done this there will be a map appearing in your camp and if you use that map you can fast travel to any town you have visited before, straight from your camp. But the downside is, once you have fast traveled to any to town, you can’t fast travel back to your camp.