Little brands are often caught endorsing fake information about their products, that’s why they are called little, but lately, Huawei has been on the headline of this matter by getting caught on faking benchmarks tests and now they are trying to make amendments. The company just announced that they are going to let every consumer force their phone into the “performance mode”, saying that Huawei respects the consumers right to choose what to happen with their devices. However, there’s an obvious catch because in order to run your devices faster you’ll have to drain the phone’s power too. Every user will be able to experience these features with the upcoming EMUI 9.0 Huawei OS.

This week, AnandTech uncovered that Huawei was specifically optimizing its smartphones to perform way over than they are supposed to in the benchmark tests, particularly in the 3DMark program. As before-mentioned, 3DMark delisted the P20, P20 Pro, Nova 3, and Honor Play from its leaderboards. The phones were mischievously coded to recognize this software and adjusted their performance respectively. The phones didn’t perform that well with the programs they didn’t recognize, in easy words the all of the phones failed to identify when they had to perform better.

However, Huawei thinks that enabling Performance mode for all of the users will fix the fact that they faked the performance of their phones, they’re wrong. The damage has been done and most of the people are very skeptical about Huawei’s advertisements. The good part is that this option is going to benefit a lot of users, particularly gamers.

To close things up, 3DMark said that they’ll replace Huawei’s benchmarks scores once it opens up the performance mode to all its phones.