Huawei Honor 20 series was introduced around a month ago in the middle of the ongoing fire that is the Sino-US trade war, taking Huawei as a hostage in the negotiations all over the world. At the event in London, executive of the Shenzhen company refrained from announcing an arrival date of Huawei Honor 20.

The Huawei Honor 20 is currently available only in China, and it looks like the sales are going far more than good. Huawei has just announced that Honor 20 has crossed almost 1 million sales just in 14 days and people are curious to know that. The sub-brand of China also used the announcement to introduce the Honor 20 pro arrival at home (CHINA),that will be starting tomorrow.

Huawei Honor has released its 20 series of smartphones in a haphazard order, unveiling the launch of Honor 20 lite a few weeks before launching the Honor 20 and Huawei Honor 20 pro simultaneously. The Honor 20 is the middle released smartphone of the three siblings, but it has lot more in common with one phone than other.


While the Huawei Honor 20 Lite is a big step down from its siblings in terms of its specifications, the Huawei Honor 20 and Huawei Honor 20 Pro are basically the same phones as they have the same design, same screen size, same display, and many more other features in common. The main difference between the two smartphones is their cost. Many of us will see Huawei Honor 20 as the more desirable product of Huawei.

Honor 20 price and availability

Huawei Honor 20 has released on 3rd of June in China. You can enjoy the perks of using Huawei Honor 20 for €499 or £400 (roughly around $560, AU$810), which gets you around 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. So we can say it has priced fairly if we compare it with other mid-ranged smartphones. So let us jump into its features with more explanation.

Design and display

The Honor 20 has a premium 6.26-inch LCD display, which puts it in the advantage of a plus-size handset. Its LCD would also attract many users. But we may say that it is not a high-end display device. Also when we put a look into the colors of screen, colors looked a bit muted and when we noticed them, brightness was maximum.

One thing we have noticed in Huawei Honor 20 is that the punched hole camera on the screen let its users utilizing more space and thus enjoying more space on the phone’s screen.

Users would also like a lot more about the design of the phone so let us discuss more about that. The phone’s body sat nicely in our hands and it is easy and reliable to use its side-mounted fingerprint sensor where thumb can fell easily. The volume buttons above the power button are also easily accessible. So, in overall the phone can be rated good.


The camera at the back of the phone’s body also amazes a lot. But the back camera od Huawei Honor 20 could be annoying for most of movie watching fans of Huawei mobiles. Its back camera may affect the user while watching the movie, or holding the phone horizontally.

There may be a bad news for music lovers. Huawei Honor 20 has no 3.5 mm headphone jack. The only single port you will find on the bottom of the phone is USB-C port.

Camera and battery life

The Huawei Honor 20 camera setup is a slightly downgraded version of the Honor 20 Pro’s like you have got the same camera of 48MP main and 16MP super-wide-angle second, but both the telephoto lens and the macro camera for close-up images are 2MP, so lower in the resolution than their equivalents in the Huawei Honor 20 Pro.                  

We did not have the opportunity to take a great variety of shots when we tested the Huawei Honor 20 but as we were in a rather dark place may be, but the camera seemed to take pretty decent photos with some good lightening effects. Wide-angle shots of Huawei Honor 20 took in a good field of view and the night mode also did a wonderful job of capturing the bright-looking photos.


The camera did feel some little slow when we compared it to the Honor 20 Pro’s camera, with a slightly less reactive shutter speed, and changing modes caused the phone to lag for some time, but we cannot say it a big problem

The thing that appeals the most is Huawei Honor 20’s four camera setup. This phone would be a dream phone of most of the users who love enjoying their time in photography or videography.

If we talk about the battery of Huawei Honor 20, it has a powerful battery of 3,750 mAh. It has a fast charging of 22.5 Watts.

Features and specs

The Honor 20 runs on a Kirin 980 chip which is among one of the latest processors, which we have previously seen in the Huawei P3 series, like Huawei P30. It has an operating system version Android 9.0 which is termed as the lastest Android version up till now.

We will put the phone through its paces more thoroughly for our full review, but it felt a good phone for usage in general use.


Early verdict

The Honor 20, with its early release, presents a serious problem for the Honor 20 Pro sales, as it’s basically the same phone but cheaper in its cost. In general, with its easy on the hand design and good camera specifications, the phone felt enjoyable and I think you must give it a try. For more details  stay connected to us.

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