Humble Bundle has just announced that they are going to update all bundles prices. Previously, all prices were standard, following US dollars. Now they are introducing regional prices. According to a blog post, Humble Bundle says that it’ll make purchasing more consistent across their stores.

Humble Bundle will support EUR GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, TRY, RUB, and PHP Currency. Furthermore, some bundles are currently listed in USD on the website, however, in the future, all prices will be regional. Additionally, Humble Bundle wrote on Twitter that conversion between regional prices will be based on exchange rates. This would result in the Bundle being cheap or expensive for some players. You can read about the rate conversion here.

People have criticized Humble Bundle on Twitter, saying that this would be unfair for those with specific currencies. A Twitter user said that “In the UK this costs a lot more than prior to regional pricing. For example, the $3.99 monthly fee is now £3.99. £11.50 is the new price for the $12 bundle tier, yet as of this post that exchanges to £9.30. All you’ve done is increase your profits and tried to sugar-coat how.”

Lastly, Humble Bundle will charge users based on their region. This will happen automatically, and you cannot change your region. Furthermore, people with classic accounts won’t face this update, thus their prices will remain $12 USD. Humble Bundle is also expanding to more currencies that will be supported.

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