Humble Bundle Share their plan for COVID-19 Relief Funds
A lot of Gaming related companies like Rockstar, Razer, and Riot are putting in efforts that will help contribute to the Coronavirus relief fund. Similarly, today Humble Bundle Store has uploaded a new bundle that will shock you.

“In the wake of COVID-19 and its effects around the world, we’ve teamed up with a team of developers, publishers, and creators to bundle a care package of much-needed funds to support organizations responding to the pandemic and its consequences”.

The new bundle created to raise charity for COVID-19 relief features $1,071 worth of games and ebooks for just $30. Furthermore, all sales from these bundles will go directly to the organizations that are using donations to supply things like Medical Equipments, protector gears, and overall healthcare to needy centers & patients.

Humble Bundle
Coming to details, it has 48 games, that can all be redeemed on Steam. It includes various mixed titles like Darksiders 2, Agents of Mayhem, and Holly Knight. Some newer and excellent titles like Sniper Elite 3, Ducati – 90th Anniversary are also part of the package.
There are Audiobooks too like Coping Skills, Prisoners of our thoughts, and Animal Kind along. There is a huge list and you should definitely consider it. If you are interested in Programming and Python, there is a well-known Audiobook “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” included too.


Humble Bundle

Lastly, people can donate any sort of amount to this charity fund, even though if they are not interested in games. If you take a look at the list, there are around 100 people who have donated some sort of amount. It is no joke, let me tell you. A person named Jeff has donated $10,000 already. Others have also donated amounts ranging from $10 to $5000 consistently.

Does anyone feel like donating some amount to charity? well, this is your chance. You can also get some games along with Audiobooks, that won’t look bad in your library. Humble Bundle is currently working with Direct Relief, International Rescue Committee, Doctors without Borders, and Partners in Health. These organizations are trying their best to help needy centers & people in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bundle is only available for the next six days, get it while it is available!

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