Humble Store or Humble Bundle has just announced a $1 million fund for black game developers. Humble Store also confirmed that they stand in solidarity to condemn racism and violence against the Black Community

In a tweet, Humble Bundle wrote “Today we are announcing a $1 million fund dedicated to helping publish games by Black Developers. We will have more Updates about the fund and other ways we are actively supporting organizations soon”

“In the meantime, the Humble Community has always supported worthwhile causes in times of need so please consider donating to the NAACP Legal Defence Fund or Race Forward”

Humble Bundle

There isn’t a depth of details on how this fund will be transferred and on what basis. However, we have confirmation that Humble is going to support the #BlackLivesMatter Campaign. Moreover, they will also help black games, developers, in these hard times. We will hear more details on this in the upcoming situation.

Humble Store recently raised $6.5 Million For Charity through Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle. Similarly, they also introduced a $25 Limited Package for Australian Wildfires. All the funds gathered from that $25 Package were donated to the Australian Wildfires. Moreover, they recently introduced their Regional Pricing Policy for all bundles, so make sure you read that too.

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