Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancy’s: The Divison has been a great success for the entire Tom Clancy’s campaign recently crossing over 15+ million players. We know that The Divison 2 will be revealed in the E3 this year, so why not talk about some of the major improvements we want to see in the upcoming sequel?

Here is our wishlist for the most anticipated improvements to The Division 2:

We would love to see the following improvements make it into the next game.

Make the Dark Zone fairer and balanced

division 2

Players that have reached the end level in The Division know that the Dark Zone is one of the game’s greatest ideas, but unfortunately, as it stands, the dark zone is extremely hard for the newcomers and is mostly controlled by the most experienced players. Ubisoft could take a note on this one and introduce something every player can participate in. Anything that would get more people in the mode would be an improvement in the sequel.

A new city division 2

Beautiful as The Division’s city which was set in Manhattan technically depicted in shambles in the game, it’s hard to visualize, spending hundreds of hours there again in the upcoming sequel. As they always do, a new operation and a new threat can do the job of improvement in the next sequel, but it’d be nice to stick to the cities set somewhere nature adjacent.

Develop a separate battle royale mode

Battle Royale games are all the hype these days. PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale remain the most popular and hyped up games on any platform. It can work a lot like the Dark Zone, but make the players stripped off of their gears and let them start from scratch, and solo winner gets a loot as a reward. This would capture the thrill of battle royale but will also provide an inducement for players to gain benefits besides the dedicated mode.

Focus more on the story and setting

The Division is unique in that it features a pragmatic setting and an outbreak scenario. The Division might seem to present a post-apocalypse like any other, but it actually has a lot of character and variation by comparison. We want the developers to strive towards into the storytelling potential of their setting more and use it for something beyond a reason to shoot at people. Give us a story that is worth caring about.

Don’t dump The Division 1 entirely division 2

As we know that some things will carried on from Division 1 to Division 2. Division 2 must not start all over again from the scratch neglecting the first part, instead it should be introduced as a baseline starting point for the sequel.

We hope to see these improvements in the upcoming sequel from the creators of The Division which is to be released at E3 this year!