On 22 May, we reported that Fortnite will host a full Christopher Nolan film inside the game. In the article, we mentioned, One of these films might be shown. The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Memento, Insomnia, Dunkirk, Inception, or Interstellar. Surprisingly, I was very eager to watch Inception, as I can recall from that article “I’d love to see inception”. Well, it turns out that Inception is the film that will be shown in Fortnite.

There is a bit of twist because there are other movies like Batman Begins or The Prestidge. These two along with other movies will be shown depending on your location. In the US, Inception is being shown.

In order to watch Inception, you have to visit Party Royale Island this Friday. And at 5 am, 5pm, and 8:55 pm Pacific, the film will be shown thrice. So if you are interested. I’d recommend fixing your schedule according to the times listed.

Moreover, Epic has also requested everyone to not stream the event. Suppose, these films are re-streamed on social media. This could potentially get your channel suspended.

Fortnite recently had its Travis Scott astronomical event, which broke several records. I wonder how big this event will be, considering there are tons of Christopher Nolan and Di Capri fans. Likewise, many people love watching movies together, so let’s see!

You can see the film that will be played in your Country, here.

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