Earlier this month, Eximious eSports attained the best rankings for a Pakistani team in DotA 2. Their amazing performance broke all kinds of national records and mesmerised eSports fans all across Pakistan. Being one of the first Pakistani teams to enter an international eSports tournament as grands as WESG APAC 2017, they didn’t only do exceedingly well. But they also became the first ever Pakistani team to qualify for the WESG main event.

Eximious eSports
Eximious eSports was one of the first ever teams from Pakistan to represent Pakistan in an international event.

Fortunately, we had the opportunity to talk to them and gather insight regarding their memorable performance. The team enthusiastically relished our curiosity by answering our queries and gave us a chance relive the event through their individual experiences.

When asked about their thoughts and expectations before the competition?
Our thoughts were pretty mixed up. Since, it was going to be our first international tournament. We were very curious about the competition and how the event would look like. Our expectations were top 8-10 after looking at the teams that were playing and we got that so we’re pretty happy.


What did it feel like to represent your country in an international event like WESG APAC?
It was mesmerizing and breathtaking, Seeing the green flag on the main stage brought up all kinds of motivation in us. There was not a single game in which we played to represent us 5, or Eximious E-sports for that matter. It felt like we were representing our country and every loss took toll on our pride.

Pakistan WESG APAC
Pakistan makes a startling appearance on international stage.

How were you feeling after winning your first game?
We were feeling relieved after every win, every win got us that much closer to the play-offs. All of us had eyes on the qualification. We entered the Stadium with one goal and every win was getting us a step closer.


After your first loss, what kept you motivated?
Well, All of us got really down after our first loss versus EVOS, obviously. It was a complete stomp. We chilled out and shared our thoughts about the game. We realised this probably is the biggest opportunity any DotA team has gotten in Pakistan and we must do it right till the last moment.

You only lose when you give up!

Which match did you enjoy the most in the preliminary round?
Our Match Vs Electrify. That game went on for about an hour. Ghost khan’s (Faceless void) patient Chronos synced with T1TaN’s (silencer) global silence won us all the early team fights. KSG’s (BeastMaster) Mid game impact got us all the map control and we proceeded to win all the team fights into the mid-game too. Arrow’s (Clockwerk) being on point, catching out tinker in every fight got us to the high ground pretty easily. Sh1zzY’s (Shadow fiend) Beastly farmed, was enough to chip down the enemy buildings and heroes one by one. We truly played that game like a team.

Eximious vs Electrify
Via gosugamers.net

How did it feel being the only team from Pakistan to qualify for the playoffs?
It was all surreal. It’s been a long time since a Pakistani team has done this or any of us heard or even imagined one doing this. WE WERE DOING IT OURSELVES. We were electrified after qualifying for the play-offs. Ps:- KSG was throwing electric currents from his body throughout the event, not even kidding LUL.


Fan Art by Sajid Ahmed


What experience did you gain after your setback against Alpha Red and did it help you with your victory against Team Lebanon?
After losing to alpha red, that too very badly. We realized the Thailand powerhouse stuck to their hero pool and their plan. Throughout the event we were pretty skeptical as to what we pick or what we play since the meta wasn’t set out. Every team had their own thing. We did that too after our bo3 with Alpha Red. We picked our finest and gave it our all!

Eximious VS Lenanon
Eximious thrashes Team Lebanon

You are the first team ever from Pakistan to qualify for the main event at WESG APAC. How did that feel?
Again, it was all too surreal. We were jumping out of our seats. The amount of hype we had in us, it brought out people from their booths to see what’s going on haha. True Happiness after years of hard work. We’re waiting to get the same feeling in the Main event.


What sort of feedback are you getting from your Pakistan after your iconic victory?

It’s all Positive. We see Celebratory, gratitude and congratulatory posts/messages. Feels good to see such a response. Can’t thank the people enough for all the love.

Pakistan Zindabad!

How do you see Pakistan’s future in E-sports over the coming years?

We think there’s a lot coming for eSports in Pakistan with the interest coming from brands and with the progress we’ll be making to gain some international attention for our country.

Pakistan raising its game in eSports.

What message would you like to convey to your fans?

It took us a long time to get this far and the only thing we had was some hope and the will to keep going. Giving up is never an option. Also, we’re really thankful to the fans for all their support. They boosted our confidence and kept our spirits up throughout the tournament.

The champs return home.