Intel 10th Gen Core series, also known as Comet Lake-S, were leaked today on Czech and Slovakian Stores. The listing proved that the new CPUs will cost around 80 to 279 EUR with VAT. Furthermore, only Core i5 has been leaked, and there is no news of Core i7 or Core i9 series yet.

Pricing also looks shaky, so this might not be the final price. Intel officially has not commented on this leak, hence this is not confirmed. In my opinion, this retail is coming from a distributor, and it might be true. The same-store has also listed other Intel processors, like Coffe Lake-S(9th gen Core series ).

Well, Comet Lake prices look right, they are a little expensive comparing Coffe Lake. Intel latest processors are not launched yet, and prices might change in the near future. has also posted the specs for Comet Lake processors.

Intel 9th Gen Core vs 10th Gen Core Pricing (EARLY LISTING with VAT)
Coffee Lake-S CPUsListed PriceComet Lake-S CPUsListed PriceDifference
Core i5-9600264 EURCore i5-10600279 EUR+ 15 EUR
Core i5-9500240 EURCore i5-10500253 EUR+ 13 EUR
Core i5-9400241 EURCore i5-10400227 EUR– 14 EUR
Core i5-9400F181 EURCore i5-10400F194 EUR+ 13 EUR
Core i3-10320203 EUR
Core i3-9300184 EURCore i3-10300190 EUR+ 6 EUR
Core i3-9100141 EURCore i3-10100153 EUR+ 8 EUR
Pentium G5600114 EURPentium G6600116 EUR+ 2 EUR
Pentium G5500100 EURPentium G6500103 EUR+ 3 EUR
Pentium G540071 EURPentium G640080 EUR+ 9 EUR

List compiled by momomo_us (without VAT)

Apart from these stores, some other stores in Czechia have also listed the processor for sale. The prices from these stores were also similar to that of Slovekia

Source: Videocardz

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