Intel has just added Marvel to its partnership list. In a twitter post, Intel Gaming announced that their Core Desktop Processors will feature Marvel Avenger’s packaging.

Other than this, they did not give any details. They also posted a video showing the sick packaging, which looks very dope. Intel might emphasize more on this tweet by telling us the list of processors, details, and when processors with this packaging will ship.

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The Packaging is all cool and stuff, but just to let you know this is simply a packaging and nothing else. Do not expect any games and neither codes like they give with Graphics Cards. A twitter user was able to zoom the packaging and saw that “game not included” written on the bottom left.

Lastly, there is a listing of Core i9 10850K on kccshop. The listing mentions Avengers Edition and features the exact same packing. You can see its pictures and details in depth here.

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