Finally, it is time for Intel to take a one step further towards the future by introducing the successors of 8th generation processor built on Coffee lake architecture. For the time being, they are introduced as a reinforcement for 8th generation processors lacking the i7-9000 series, which are expected to have 8 cores and up to 16 threads, as of yet. Currently, they are embodying Core i5 and Core i3 9000 series consisting of 6 cores with 6 threads and quad-core with 4 thread configuration. Due to this, they aren’t added to Intel Ark which is the official confirmation of launch. But their presence in official intel documents and June 2018 update of 8th gen core family signifies their upcoming official launching also confirmed by official documents.

The improvements and modifications in supposed 9th generation processors are of due importance. There will be an increase in the frequency of core clock by 100 MHZ from their 8th generation counterparts along with 200 MHZ boost in i5 parts of 9th generation. While the Thermal Design Power for these will stay the same as 8th gen processors which will be 65 WATTS for i3 and low-end i5 while 95 WATTS for i5-9600K.

At this point, Intel’s 9th gen Core i7 and Core i9 haven’t been announced but hopefully, they will come to the surface soon with extraordinary specs of 6 cores/12 threads (i7-9700K) and 8 cores/16 threads (i9-9900K).