Unfortunately, Intel is going to delay the unveiling of their next-gen 10 nm Cannon-Lake processors once again. It is expected that the massive productions of the chips will start from early 2019 and not in 2018 according to the original plan.

For the people who have no idea what is Cannon Lake: It is the upcoming 10 nm architecture chip from Intel and the further step from the company towards the production of smaller and quicker processors.

Prior to the last year, when Intel first started launching 8th-gen of core processors, the company broke from previous policy by announcing that the lineup production would consist mixed multiple architectures. The line was released with a revision of the 7th-gen 14 nm + node called Kaby Lake (R), and earlier this month we saw the release of processors built on the 14nm + node Coffe Lake this time, Another promise that Intel did was about the 8th-gen processors from the next-gen 10 nm Cannon Lake node, which Intel was originally planning to release back in 2016.

The actual delay arose because of the increasing breakdown in the Moore’s Law, as we are approaching the tiniest transistor sizes era, it becomes very harder for processor production companies like Intel to keep up their work with the two-year doubling that Moore’s Law requests.  This is also why we are seeing things like the Coffee Lake Kaby Lake (R) releases, or AMD’s upgraded Ryzen 2nd gen processors, which look to improve on the existing technologies at the present node rather than trying to force an early jump ahead to the smaller sizes.

Nowadays, Intel isn’t really in the perfect situation, Apple is planning on dropping Intel processors for its Mac computers as early as 2020 allegedly. Although Intel did beat the estimates for the quarterly earnings this week, largely on the strength of its PC processor and data center business, so do not exactly count the famed processor maker out yet.