Apple has been working on iOS 12, since quite a long time now. A lot of new software upgrades and fixes are being integrated into the new OS.

Apple has always kept their priorities set for the consumers, as they introduced the health kit and apps that could monitor human heartbeat rate and stuff like that with the help of the Apple watch.

Now, Apple just revealed a new feature for iOS 12 for the US: automatic location sharing with first responders when you dial 911 from your iPhone. The actual purpose of this function is quite self-evident, as it redirects the emergency responsive services by streamlining the process of getting correct information about the location of the caller. “Apple notes that approximately 80 percent of emergency calls in the United States are now made from a mobile device, however “outdated” infrastructure has made it difficult for 911 centers to quickly obtain a caller’s location.”

However, these type of emergency features have been there in the world of mobile phones before Apple already and no one really batted an eye. But Apple as always implements the features with more precision and perfection, hence taking the award of, sort of “Inventing” it in the end.

This new iOS 12 build change is based on HELO (Apple’s Hybridized Emergency Location) system, which was originally launched in 2015, and it will be integrated with existing software on almost all of the 911 centers systems with the help of emergency tech company RapidSOS.  “This will accelerate the deployment of Next Generation 911 for everyone,” Apple’s announcement quotes Rob McMullen, President of the National Emergency Number Association, “saving lives and protecting property.”

As of now, people have concerns about their privacy, Apple emphasized that user data “cannot be used for any non-emergency purpose.”