Rumors suggest that iPhone 11 is in the process of launch soon and we are going to see much much improvements in it. Well, Apple has to stay in the competition with all other smartphone brands in the market at the moment and with the launch of Samsung galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Huawei P30 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro,  Apple had to take some critical steps to gain momentum again.

Reportedly, the new iphone 11 will come in 2 variants with the screen size of 5.8” and 6.5” having super retina display.

There will be a triple camera setup and to be very honest I kind of like the design of cameras on the back, see how cool they look placed that way. There will be  14Mp triple camera setup with TOF sensor.

The front will be a 10MP truedepth camera with wopping 6 gigs of RAM. This would be enough for running several tasks at a time with multiple apps running in the background.The Face ID has been improved now and it is known as the 2nd generation Face ID. It is supposed to be more secure and fast than the previous generation.

The 3D touch will be gone and an underwater mode will be introduced. This means that iphone 11 will be definitely IP68 rated. And the wireless battery sharing feature is something new for Apple.

Image Credit: Toms Guide

We are very much impatient for the launch of iPhone 11 to see what Apple does this time to stay in the competition with other smartphones in the market. To us, this iPhone 11 will be a remake of iPhone XS Max with increase of a feature or two. Stay tuned to Pak Gamers Republic to find out more.

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