Expensive and modified iPhones have been a thing for a long time now, usually, we see gold plated or diamond cluttered iPhone special editions. However this time, we’ve got something very rare and unique on our hands.

An accessory maker named Caviar from Russia just started selling a solar-powered version of the iPhone X going for $4,500. Caviar gave the name “Tesla” to his idea of the iPhone X which was initially announced back in November.

However, Caviar doesn’t make iPhone or Teslas, so don’t expect any special functions built directly into the device. Instead, the iPhone X Tesla is actually a thick phone case that attaches directly to the device, with a solar panel on the back that powers a secondary battery for added battery capacity. The case has IP67 water and dust resistance.

The very first unit of Caviar’s iPhone X Tesla case is engraved with “Made on earth By Humans,” in honor of Elon Musk when he sent a Tesla Roadster into space aboard in a rocket previously in February. Every unit is also going to get its own production number, and only 999 units will be produced.

You can get the iPhone X Tesla with 64GB of storage For $4,555, (the phone will be included with the case), and you can get the 256GB model for $4,805. Since it’s imported from Russia, there may be additional taxes and duties.