Growth and death are two things that are inevitable on planet Earth, this is generally accepted by both science and religion. But, was this saying only attributed to living things? Well, in my opinion, I don’t think so, I think everything both our games, cars, batteries has their own way of growing and dying. PUBG aka PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a video game which is really famous and anyone who denies he’s never heard of it is either retarded or lying. So, if PUBG is famous as I said, what do we have to worry about whether it’s going to die or not? Well, continue. PUBG was released in the year 2016 as we all know and has seemed to be a really amazing turn around for the gaming industry. With the rapid growth of players, every month over the last few months is there any chance that this game will die sooner? I don’t know, you don’t know, but let us think and express our assumptions and anticipations.

Before I start bringing to table my opinions before you, I would like to bring up my funky rating system, specifically designed for topics like this. So we’re going to have PUBG is dying soon and PUBG is not dead yet. The column with the highest point will give my overall opinions concerning the progressive lifespan of this game.

Some months ago, the developers of PUBG announced that they were going to bring the game to the Xbox One console. This caused a lot of excitement for console gamers following the fact that the game PUBG was not supported on consoles some months ago. Finally, after the release last year December 2017 the number of players was said to have rallied as much as 4 million from the Xbox One console and that’s quite a number, a huge number if you asked me. Plus PUBG also offered to giveaway 30,000 BP to players who had purchased and created a character by January 31st, sorry that’s gone now but this offer also attracted a lot more players considering how many goodies 30,000 BP could afford. This I think helped to encourage numerous console players as they could meet up or catch up to some extents with the PC gamers with all the free money they got. So, considering the rally up in the number of players from the console faction.

Impatience from the side of the PC Gamers might have been the reason which stirred up this topic. Some months back, the developers of PUBG had announced the release of an update which was supposed to contain emotes, add friends list and player achievements to the game. This update seemed to have delayed which got some PC Gamers tired of waiting for the update, and some even went as far dropping out of the game which gave some concerns to the number of active players. Plus current frame rate issues and crashing, teeny tiny technical issues and no update or patches brought more discomfort to the PC Gamers while they were in wait for the update. Some opinions during the waiting time even suggested that the developers of PUBG had left the PC version to focus more on the console version, which didn’t later turn out to be true, well for a game that wishes to stay around much longer, PUBG dropped those upgrades like a bombshell, which I believe changed some opinions and lightened the strong headed ones. However, update #7 was dropped a few days ago, it contained 12 emotes, an in-game friend list which can contain about 50 players and a steam achievement. For the meantime, this should sustain the fans of PUBG and those that were running their mouths. We’ll know the final outcome of this update on the game after it has been reviewed by the masses. Hoping that this update will turn out for the better, a dangling one point goes to PUBG is not dead yet.

Well, analysis has become a very important part of our lives today, everyone wants to know and keep track of things, from their food to their exercises to the locations they’ve been to in a selected period of time. If there is any place where analysis is needed it’s in Steam. The Steam chart reflecting the activeness of players playing PUBG in the last months seem to be pretty impressive. Although there’s been a negative fluctuation of about 4.19%, that still doesn’t count. It’s probably a minor trend in the major growing trend of active players in PUBG. A little retracement and the game should resume its prior trend. A game which still maintains a whopping number of more than 2 million active players a day, doesn’t seem like it’s going to disappear into thin air just like that. With this being said in my opinion I think that from the aspect of charting, PUBG can be awarded another strong point.

Speaking of analysis, well it’s time for us to do ours, (computer beep) bringing up log files, accessing the database, info print… PUBG is dying soon – 0_PUBG is not dead yet—3

The analysis is done, so I’ll be deriving my overall opinion about this game from the results I have at hand. So it seems like PUBG is not dying yet has an outstanding 3 points and PUBG is dying soon has no points. Flawless victory you could say, but mind you, this is only my opinion.

Well dying is a must, who would’ve believed the falling of many other great games in the past, but today they’re nowhere to be found and most of their servers have been torn down already. But, we can’t draw the fact that PUBG will be falling or dying tomorrow or the next. In my opinion, as long as they release meaningful updates will stand around (not hang around) for a longer period of time, irrespective of rival games and technical issues. So long live PUBG with 2 strong points and one dangling point from my opinion. I’ll love to hear your opinion as well, remember I said our assumptions from the very beginning. Peace to all that have read this.