The backbone of America’s future wireless communications could be under a serious threat, and no doubt it would be cumbersome for America to retain itself as a king of AI world.

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) argued that the new 5G networks could be tending to foreign interference, particularly if they relied on foreign-built hardware that could be susceptible to supply chain attacks.

“We must be certain that there is a secure supply-chain backing up our 5G system,” Cantwell said. “We cannot tolerate a leaky valve or a back-door into these communication networks.”

She did not mention Huawei by name, but the Chinese company has repeatedly been raised as a specter or host by lawmakers, who argue that the Chinese government could use the telecommunications giant as a way to infiltrate sensitive infrastructure in United States. The company has faced a number of damaging scandals in recent months — including allegations regarding trade secrets theft, sanctions and violations, and the arrest of its CFO — but nothing has been so damaging for China as the implication that its equipment could be compromised by Chinese intelligence agencies.


Huawei has repeatedly denied that it would spy for the Chinese government, but the denials have little effect on them. Use of the company’s equipment has already been control in countries like the United States and Australia, and nations are allied with America are reportedly being pressured into implement similar policies. As 5G has already been introduced across the world and big IT companies are in struggle for a way to compete, security concerns are keeping the world’s largest provider of telecommunications equipment on the sidelines in the United States. The company, meanwhile, has been pitching government officials on a way forward to it.

Huawei is going through tough times, but it has found strong support from the Chinese government. It was re-implemented in the SD Association, as well as the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RAM governing bodies. Most fans are staying by Huawei’s side too. According to the recent researches more than half of the Huawei users are still in favor of Huawei.

No doubt Huawei has one of the biggest retailers in India and Pakistan. Huawei officials are saying they are not worried about software support. According to them 15% of voters are looking to score some deals as prices of Huawei and Honor phones are currently down, which will be temporary, if the trade ban is lifted soon or Huawei launches its very own Operating System.

European and Japanese carriers are less certain, but they are in talks with Huawei and Google to determine how this matter will affect after sales support. Still about 1 in 3 voters plan on switching to a different brand which is again a big loss.

In the first three months of the year 2019, Huawei was the second largest smartphone maker, maintaining its lead over Apple. It even crossed to top Samsung and become the largest smartphone vendor in the world.

This trade ban is certainly slowing down its growth, but so far the signs are positive that the company will make it through this. And you know what they say? What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Ad this could be one of the motivations leading them to success. This could push Huawei to be even more independent in the coming future.

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