Internet speed for every tech geek matters a lot. It can literally change your experience of using a device. Fast internet is also available in most of the countries, but its not exactly cheap. The prices are very high, and speed isn’t consistent.

Lets take you to a tour of Japan today. The two leading Internet providers of Japan called NTT East & West, have introduced new data speeds of 10 GBps ( 10,000 Mbps ) – both upstream and downstream. This is way too fast, anything will download or upload in minutes. The good thing about these data packages is the price.

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According to NTT East & West, customers will only pay $55, which is around Ksh 5500 in Japan. This sort of speed is not even available in most of modern counties, let alone this cheap. Japan has set a new standard in tech world around the globe, with this massive innovation. The average internet cost whole house varies from $60 to $100. You must notice, that only 93.98 Mbps average speed is offered comparing 10,000 Mbps.

Many tech enthusiast in Japan say that this rapid growth of Internet speed is due to 4k and 8k video demand. Many TV services in Japan are also providing 4K Live Televersion, hence, fast internet for streaming is required. This massive Internet available in specific cities. Apart from this, you also need a compaitible WIFI Router, which can be obained through Internet Service for additional price of $4.48 Monthly.

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