Born in Liverpool on December 26, 1937, John Horton Conway was a genius at English Mathematician. He worked at knot theory, number theory, combinatorial game theory, and coding. His most famous works include the invention of Cellular Automation aka Game of Life.

John Conway

Prince University held a tribute for the great John Conway on their website.

John Conway devoted half of his life to studying. Being the John von Neumann Professor in Applied and Computational from 1987 to 2013. He worked through various challenges and invested most of his time researching until he transferred to emeritus status.

“John Conway was an amazing mathematician, game wizard, polymath and storyteller who left an indelible mark on everyone he encountered — colleagues, students and beyond — inspiring the popular imagination just as he unraveled some of the deepest mathematical mysteries,” said Igor Rodnianski, professor of mathematics and chair of the Department of Mathematics. “His childlike curiosity was perfectly complemented by his scientific originality and the depth of his thinking. It is a great loss for us and for the entire mathematical world.”

John Conway

Play Game of Life Here.

The Very First game inventor
In 1970, John Conway showed the world his Game of Life, which featured two-dimensional grid. The grid present in a square cell further interacts with its neighbors according to the sets of rules. This simple algorithm built an idea that how life can evolve from an initial stage. Game of life, truly set a standard for all future games that Math with a little bit of an idea can do wonders.

Apart from Gaming, he wrote many books including “On Quaternions and Octonions”. More of his works include the invention of Icosians in algebra.

John Conway after a remarkable life has died due to COVID-19 at the age of 82. John was in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where he reportedly died.

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