This year, Xbox Series X and PS5 are in a very intensive rivalry. However, there is a new contender called KFC. Yes, KFC, the same KFC who is known for their excellent food.

Well, KFC has started its KFC Gaming Era, and they have kicked off with KFConsole, which has pretty good features. The announcement was officially tweeted by KFC Gaming with a promotional video, that displayed its features. According to the announcement, KFConsole will support true 4K and 120 FPS. Moreover, it’ll also be cross-platform compatible.

The most amazing feature of the Console is Chicken Camber. The heater type thing might allow you to cook something up while playing, so that is weird. I say weird because temperatures are a huge concern, and this heater thing sounds new. The Console will also get some exclusives, and it’ll feature a mighty 2 Terabyte Storage.

The overall announcement is kind of Joke. It is just a teaser, that they are working on an upcoming Console, that will rival PS5 and Xbox Series X. Similarly, the 2TB thing sounds fake, and KFConsole might not have created a console by now. The Console sits vertical, but we can also suggest that it’ll support sideways.

My thoughts on this teaser were that Steam might be making a new console with a partnership with KFC. The Steam part showed in the console was unnecessary, and it only indicates Steam. Both companies have a huge following and capital, and together they can rival the Xbox Series X and PS5 Quickly.

This announcement comes very quickly after PS5 was revealed. The PlayStation 5 revealed at the future of gaming show, featuring a lot of titles, components, and the first look of the upcoming Console. You can read about that here.

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