Kingdom Come Deliverance revolutionized their game play by dropping a colossal day one patch of 23 gigabytes. The recent addition has caused the game to gain weight and double its initial install size.

The game now sizes up to 46 gigabytes.

The mind boggling size isn’t just for show, the patch brings a plethora of enhancements along with it. Firstly, the new update houses the addition of multiple events in the open world and upgraded NPC reaction time. Seeking retribution, the developers also refined general combat and persuasion user interface, along with adjustment of sound propagation and the possibility of Archery in stealth mode. Moreover, the rebalance of money gain, experience and weapons & armor stats sharpens the competitiveness players often desire. Last but not least, the patch has boosted up the animation of dialogues along with several other bug fixes and improvements.

Kingdom Come
Reliving Medieval carnage. Image Source: Game Revolution.

The story of the game dates back to the Middle Ages. Players relive the Gothic era as they wander through Bohemia, the Imperial State of the Holy Roman Empire. The protagonist, Henry is the son of a blacksmith who emerges as one of the few survivors of a bloody massacre ordered by King Sigismund. Henry is left destitute and hungry for vengeance. Resultingly, he finds himself fighting a resistance movement against the cruel ruler. As he seeks justice for his murdered family and he gets engaged in an effort to restore the rightful ruler of Bohemia, Wenceslaus IV, to the throne.


Kingdom Come breathes life into gaming.

The prime feature of this game is its accurate historical depiction. The game does not miss out reenacting tense sword fighting scenarios and depicting exhaustive castle sieges. In particular, the realistic follow out shown in Kingdom Come is amazing. The dependence of the story-line on the player’s use of violence or diplomacy adds an exciting mystery to the game.


Furthermore, the players have to be cautious letting their character’s eat and sleep properly to maintain the character’s health. The game excels at being close to reality, as the food supply can get spoiled with time. Thus, Gamers will not be able to horde food items, making the game a tad more difficult than traditional RPGs. Armor and equipment also deteriorate over time and will require repairs. The game also has an intricate system for clothing. The player is provided with 16 slots where he/she can layer their items and accessories. Even the beasts used for journey upgrade and level up as the game progresses.

Kingdom Come

The developers of Warhorse Studio are hopeful that this game will be a breakthrough for role-playing games. They have worked very hard to make this game realistically complex and exciting. The publishers of the game: Deep Silver, have made this game available for X-box, PlayStation and PCs. Fans all over the world hold their breath for the game’s prodigious release on 13th February 2018.