It’s almost time. Wondering about the God Of War: 2018 for PlayStation 4? The new God Of War will be releasing on April 20, which means that we are just days away from getting our hands on the new God Of War. As we get closer to the release date, Cory Barlog and his team are giving more information about what we should expect from the new axe combat and how long will God Of War last.



There were some rumors that God Of War will release in March, April 20 was finally confirmed as the release date for God Of War by Sony. We do have a decent amount of time to go through reviews about the new God Of War to think whether you want to buy the game or not.

Sony completed the development of the new God Of War in March. Which is why Sony was able to get some reviews about the game by letting the reviewers have the title way before the game’s launch.

God Of War’s Story, Setting, and Gameplay:



The new God Of War will be a reboot of the series. This one’s different from the previous installments, this one has a Norse mythology story set in Scandinavia. The story isn’t the only thing that’s new in this game, Kratos is fighting monsters alongside his son, Atreus.

Kratos has changed a lot, much quieter in this God Of War. Now, Kratos is a man who is following his wife’s death, while he’s looking after his son and trying to be a better man. Kratos is trying to control his temper, his rage still remains, as a tool that he can use when needed.

God Of War’s latest trailer was mainly focused on characters and the world. This seems to be a more ethereal looking place than the brutal mythology of ancient Greece. This game’s atmosphere has a more nature-focused feel to it as it has more forests. It’s just very pretty.

You better get comfy on your sofa, because the new God Of War will be 25 to 35 hours long, according to the director Cory Barlog. For your information, it will take you double the time to complete this God Of War game than the other installments in the series. Cory Barlog said that one of the developers took 43 hours to 100% complete the game. This God Of War will have richer world than ever before, will be much bigger. The fact that it can take 35 hours to complete the game, which means that there will be a lot of side quests or just a story that takes Kratos’ son and Kratos all around the country that they are in.

God Of War’s Combat:

This God Of War focuses on the new Leviathan axe instead of the swinging Blades of Choas that easily dealt with hordes of enemies, which makes the combat much closer and personal. Kratos’ son, Atreus fire arrows at targets when you tap the square button. This can be used to keep your enemies busy while you take care of other problems, it can also be used to distract your enemies which will give you an opening to attack the enemies. Spartan rage is still here which will give you a few seconds extremely high damage.

In this God Of War, you can upgrade by using the new XP system. There’s a wide range of skill tree for Kratos’ weapons and gear. You can unlock new stuff and improve Kratos’ various attacks. In this God Of War, the camera is fixed in its position that is over Kratos’ shoulder.