Last Day of June is now the latest free game on Epic Games Store after Rebel Galaxy.  However, as all of you know that Epic announced that there would be a free game every week throughout the whole year. So Last Day of the June is the one free for this week. If you want to get this game for free, Click Here.

Last Day of June is developed by Ovosonico. Last Day of June is an interactive tale about loss and love, from an all-star team of creators. It could teach you about love and struggles in life. The main goal of the developers of Last Day of June is to sharpen your perspective on life. Moreover, Last Day of June is a game with a unique experience that combined puzzle elements with an incredibly emotional story. However, playing this game might help you to make the right decisions in real-life occasions.

Last Day of June will be free on Epic Games Store till July 4, 2019. Its original price on Epic Games Store is 8.99$. This might be the best time to try this game out, and you can keep it forever once you claimed it. Overcooked will be the next free game on Epic Games Store on July 4, 2019. 

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