Today, we heard about the Last of Us Part 2 leaks that completely spoiled the game for everyone. The leaks gave us insight into the story, characters, and some features. Last of us Part 2 also had some exotic turn of events in the story, however all that was spoiled for various people on the Internet yesterday.

The clips are taken down by YouTube and other sites, however, they are still available on some, that support these spoilers. Naughty Dog vice president and Last of Us Part 2 creative Director Neil Druckman was disappointed. Druckmann tweeted “Heartbroken for our fans. We’re still incredibly excited to get the game into your hands.“

Sony has also announced a new release date for Last of Us Part 2, June 19. After being delayed twice, hopefully, this time it sticks to the given date. Sony also spoke to VGC, and said

“We’re disappointed that anyone would release unauthorized pre-launch footage of The Last of Us Part II, disrupt years of Naughty Dog’s hard work and ruin the experience for fans worldwide.

“We want everyone to have the opportunity to play The Last of Us Part II at the same time and ask that viewing or sharing of the unauthorized footage be avoided.”

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